Kelpie Violet Shampoo Bar

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Violet shampoo to neutralize yellow or brassy tones in white or blond hair. This pH-balanced solid shampoo bar is made with gentle and biodegradable surfactants that will clean your hair without irritating your scalp. No sulphates, parabens, or silicones.

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Kelpie Shampoo bar. How does it work?

This pH-balanced solid shampoo bar is made with gentle and biodegradable surfactants that will clean your hair without irritating your scalp. No sulfates or silicones. The violet in this shampoo is great for counteracting the brassy tones that can happen to white or blond hair.

How does it care for my hair?

The organic cold-pressed Argan and Jojoba oils gently condition your hair without weighing your hair down. Tiny flecks of dark green you see in the bar are pieces of seaweed. Seaweed adds gentle exfoliation to the skin and scalp. This Kelpie shampoo bar is naturally scented with ylang-ylang, rosemary and lavender essental oils.

Why make these shampoo bars?

I want to use a shampoo bar that lathers well, leaves my hair feeling fabulous, and is made using sustainable ingredients that do not damage the planet. I compared Kelpie Shampoo bars to a competitor’s bar using equipment at Plymouth University (PEMC) and the results are in my blog.

How long will it last?

Approximately 40 washes or as long as 2 standard liquid bottles of shampoo. Kelpie shampoo bar is 50 grams, compact, mighty, and plastic-free. Store the bar somewhere it can dry out between uses. If you’re keeping it in the tin it may not stay totally solid. I keep a kelpie shampoo bar in my swim bag that is in a tin. I put a little water in the tin with the bar, swirl the water around to dissolve some product then use this on my hair.

How to use solid Shampoo?

Rub the bar directly on your hair or you can lather it in your hands and use the lather to wash your hair. Try washing your roots first, rinse, then do another wash all over to thoroughly wash your hair. To make the most out of the conditioning ingredients in the Kelpie shampoo bars try applying some lather on your hair lengths and ends, and leaving it for 1-2 minutes like you would with a traditional conditioner. Leave longer if you need extra conditioning, and then rinse

This shampoo bar doesn’t need an acid rinse and it doesn’t have a transition phase!

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SCI, SLSa, Decyl Glucoside, Iota Carrageenan Kaolin, Sodium Chloride, Argania Spinosa, Simmondsia chinensis, Ascophylum nodosum, Panthenol, Parfum, CI 60730, Rosmarinus officinalis Leaf Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia, Cananga Odorata Flower Extract. Limonene, Linolool.

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  1. Sandy (verified owner)

    I love this new product. It banishes the yellow from my grey hair and gives it a shine. Definately goimg on my re-order list.

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