Sea Slug Wetsuit Lube


Sea Slug Wetsuit Lube is a powder that you hydrate to make a lubricant for putting on open cell wetsuits. This product is made from seaweed and aloe, is super kind to your skin and the environment, and comes in a recyclable or reusable tin.

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Sea Slug Wetsuit Lube

A powder that you dissolve in water to make a super slippy lube for putting on open-cell wetsuits. Currently, most people use shampoo/conditioner or PEG-based lubricants. Shampoo/conditioner is a wash-off product and is not made to be next to the skin for a prolonged time. PEGs are petrochemical-derived and are often not easily broken down in the marine environment.

Why I made this

I have sensitive skin that is prone to eczema flare-ups and having shampoo or conditioner next to my skin for a long time while I go spearfishing or free-diving exacerbates this. My husband works in the sea wearing an open cell wetsuit during the summer and needs something kind to his skin to use daily. He is a spearfishing instructor and scallop diver.

Sea Slug Wetsuit Lube is kind to your skin and the environment. It is unscented and contains only seaweed and Aloe. These ingredients are from the marine environment or very easily broken down in the marine environment.

How to use

Sea slug wetsuit lube comes in a rectangular in containing 30g of product. Each 3g dose makes 1L to 1.5L of lube. So the 30g tub will make up 10 to 15L of lube.

Simply scoop using the lid and cover the green triangle inside the lid as the product pictures show, this is approx 3g. Fill a 1L bottle halfway with cool water. Tip the powder into the 1/2L and shake vigorously until all the powder is dissolved then fill to 1 to 1.5L.

For best consistency leave the lube for 1hr before using. Any leftover lube may be left in the fridge for up to 5 days. For warm lube make up the 1/2L concentrate then add hot water immediately before use.

This lube is for external use only – that means just for putting wetsuits on. Avoid contact with eyes, ingesting, and use on mucous membranes or broken skin.

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Carrageenan, Algin, Aloe Vera. That is it!


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